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About the Training

The focus of my training is that everything we do should resemble the actual game as much as possible. Exercises, drills, fitness and speed and agility all serve a purpose that translates directly to how the game is played.


Individual soccer training provides a great platform to:

train more

Practice soccer skills and techniques that you normally would not have time to do in regular practice.


Learn new techniques and ways of thinking.


Turn weaknesses into strengths.


And much much more!!

Individual Sessions

A comprehensive training program that focuses on technical ability, speed and agility, strength and mentality. These sessions are 60 minutes long. Working one on one is a blank canvas, and the training can be specifically tailored to focus on areas which need work.


Small Group Sessions

A competitive style of training that allows for personal development in a small group setting. These sessions are designed to concentrate on each individuals' needs within small, challenging game-like situations.

Quick Feet Sessions

Straight technical work designed for those under time constraints but still looking to get quality touches on the ball. This 30 minute training program focuses solely on ONE aspect of technical training. Each Artis Athlete can choose which soccer skill they want to train.

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