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Mental Toughness Training

What is Mental Toughness?

"Having  the natural or developed psychological edge that enables you to: generally, cope better than your opponents with the many demands (competition, training, lifestyle) that sport places on a performer; specifically, be more consistent and better than your opponents in remaining determined, focused, confident, and in control under pressure."


-Jones, Hanton, & Connaughton, 2002, p. 209, "What Is This Thing Called Mental Toughness? An Investigation of Elite Sport Performers" Journal of Applied Sport Psychology

Research and case studies from around the world show that Mental Toughness is a major factor in most of the important outcomes for individuals and organizations:

  • Performance – explaining up to 25% of the variation in performance in individuals.

Example of Topics for Discussion

  • Performance/Gameday Mentality

  • College Recruitment

  • College Majors

  • Organization 

  • Position-Specific Mentality

  • How to talk to a coach

  • Self-love/ Body image

  • Overcoming your weaknesses

  • Training Mentality

  • Time-management

  • Building healthy habits

  • Personal development/expectations

  • Team relationships

  • Try-out mentality

7 Habits of Mentally Tough People

Girl in Sports Apparel

Always act as if you are in total control.

Image by Abigail  Keenan

Put aside things you have no ability to impact.

Fit Girl

See the past as valuable training and nothing more.

Image by Boxed Water Is Better

Celebrate the success of others.

Image by Bruno Nascimento

Never allow yourself to complain. (Or criticize.)

Image by Element5 Digital

Focus only on impressing yourself.

Image by My Life Journal

Count your blessings.

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